Roparunner city of the year

An increasing number of towns along the Roparun route organise different types of events to make the thoroughfare fun and pleasant for the participants. For the participants, this is a nice distraction which makes the difficult journey a lot more bearable. Since the year 2000, the participants have chosen the Roparunner city of the year. The winning town receives 50,000 Euros to donate to one of the charities supported by the Roparun; the town that comes second receives 25,000 Euros, and the town that's in third place receives 12,500 Euros.



The winners of the past years



Zele (B) en Almelo


Zele (B) en Almelo

2011 Ossendrecht
2010 Zele (B)
2009 Zele (B)
2008 Zele (B)
2007 Ossendrecht
2006 Ossendrecht
2005 Ossendrecht
2004 Ossendrecht
2003 Ossendrecht
2002 Ossendrecht
2001 Bergen op Zoom
2000 Ossendrecht



Video clips of the thoroughfare


To give you an idea of the thoroughfare, we have uploaded a number of video clips of different thoroughfares of the Roparun of 2010.


thoroughfare Antwerp (BE)


thoroughfare Barendrecht (NL)


thoroughfare Bergen op Zoom (NL)


thoroughfare Buggenhout (BE)


thoroughfare Halsteren (NL)


thoroughfare Heijningen (NL)


thoroughfare Bergen op Zoom - Lepelstraat (NL)


thoroughfare Ossendrecht (NL)


thoroughfare Oud-Beijerland (NL)


thoroughfare Rotterdam - Laan op Zuid (NL)


thoroughfare Steenbergen (NL)


thoroughfare Zele (BE)